• For each session there is an activity or set of activities. These are designed to help you engage with the introduction to the theories explored within the workshop.
  • Your tutor will be on hand to guide you through the course and will expect you to bring to bear personal experience and reflection on the topics covered.
  • Group work will be required for participants to engage in the workshop. Such activity allows participants to embed the new.
  • knowledge within their experience through active discussion and challenge.
Program Overview

DAY ONE (Saturday 29th December 2018) 

  • Arrival refreshment and registration
  • Welcome and overview
  • General introduction to strategy and strategic management
  • Strategic alignment and transformation enablers
  • Understanding KM within organisations
  • Introduction to change management
  • Discussion and reflection

DAY TWO (Sunday 30th December 2018) 

  • Arrival Refreshment and reflection on day one
  • Evaluate the benefits of carefully thought through KM strategies
  • SMART KM Framework
  • Managing people, information and processes
  • Establishment of KM Community of Practice (CoP) in your organisation
  • KM readiness assessment exercise for your organization
  • Discussion and reflection

DAY THREE (Monday 31st December 2018) 

  • Arrival Refreshment and reflection on day two
  • Digital Transformation
  • Computational knowledge discovery
  • Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning
  • KM cycle in cyberspace
  • Discussion and reflection – Next steps