Advancing Governance, Regulation and Quality Assurance of Food Systems

Program Outline and Objectives

  • Ensuring food safety.
  • Improving national and international standards.
  • Developing and applying QA systems internationally.
  • Global trade of foods; challenges and opportunities.
  • Addressing food waste.
  • Advancing food systems regulation.

Program Structure

  • Improving Supply, Safety and Security of Food.
  • Ensuring food safety.
  • Improving food governance and quality assurance.
  • Environmental demands of increasing food supply.
  • Addressing food waste.

Benefit for Participants

  • It is a great opportunity for participants to gain knowledge on issues relating to the governance, regulation and quality assurance of food systems.
  • Providing training and educational opportunities for participants.
  • Offering networking opportunities for participants and businesses.
  • Meeting with professional international keynote speakers.
  • Meeting with professionals who are considering changing their careers.
  • Motivating participants to armaments science.

Benefits for Employers

  • Enhance relationship with different organization.
  • Meeting with participants.
  • Raising institutional image, profile, awareness, and market exposure for the future intakes.
  • Post event publicity through social media marketing, bulletins and word of mouth.
  • The opportunity for employers to showcase their role in community service.

Course Material

Included in the course fee, the following learning materials will be provided:

  • All overhead slides/transparencies.
  • Case studies (print and video) used on the course.
  • Certificate of attendance from MEKEI, UK