Global Business Environments and Entrepreneurship

Two-days Workshop
July/August 2018 


This two-days workshop has been designed to introduce a variety of perspectives on global business environments and entrepreneurship. The focus of the workshop has implications for the way participants will improve their professional practice when they return to their employers. At the end of the workshop attendees should be able to acquire a comprehensive knowledge and practical experience about global business environments and entrepreneurship in alignment with the local needs and capabilities. Moreover, after competition of the workshop, attendees to write a report, supported by the tutor, of what they have learnt and what is particularly relevant to their employers. A focus to be one aspect of the workshop which has implications for the way they will improve their professional practice when they return to their employers. This will help reassure the employers of the benefits of the programme and help consolidate the understanding of the manager.

What are the objectives?

  • This integrative workshop aims to develop a deeper understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects to global business environments and entrepreneurship, and to develop the essential skills and competencies necessary to plan, monitor and control different tasks and events.
  • Understanding customer focus in the modern world.
  • Dialectics of entrepreneurship and small business development.
  • SME growth and sustainability.
  • Engage the critical discourses and prosaic of entrepreneurship.
  • Reflect on SMEs.
  • Development imperatives develop a critical appreciation of how entrepreneurship impacts the society.
  • Highlight the processes in developing the entrepreneurial mindset.


  • Arrival refreshment and registration
  • Welcome and overview
  • General introduction to entrepreneurship
  • The Dynamic Global Environment
  • Understanding the problem in your organisation
  • Group exercise and personal reflection


  • Arrival Refreshment and reflection on day one
  • SME Internationalisation
  • Changing Environment of Industries and Firms
  • Nature of Entrepreneurship
  • Discussion and reflection – next steps

Who should attend?

  • The workshop covers materials for all levels from supervisory through to senior level.
  • Government officials: minsters, undersecretaries, directors, etc.
  • Private sector: CEOs, managers and directors responsible for transformation, project, programme, performance, excellence, knowledge, innovation or change management.
  • Experienced managers who have significant futures oriented management responsibilities, and who are interested in reflecting on their own experience and discovering new ideas.
  • Academics including vice chancellors, deans, heads of departments, researchers and students who are interested in leadership and in being part of an engaging educational experience that explore the challenges and opportunities that face organizations.
  • Youth, NGOs (voluntary) and civil society groups (public).
  • Professionals, SMEs, Start-ups and other stakeholders.

Benefit for Participants

  • It is a great opportunity for participants to gain knowledge on the new global business environment and entrepreneurship.
  • Providing training and educational opportunities for participants.
  • Offering networking opportunities for participants and businesses.
  • Meeting with professional international keynote speakers.
  • Meeting with professionals who are considering changing their careers.
  • Motivating participants to armaments science.

Benefits for Employers

  • Enhance relationship with different organization.
  • Meeting with participants.
  • Raising institutional image, profile, awareness, and market exposure for the future intakes.
  • Post event publicity through social media marketing, bulletins and word of mouth.
  • The opportunity for Employers to showcase their role in community service.


Please contact to pre-book your place at the workshop. Included in the course fee, the following learning materials will be provided:

  • All overhead slides/transparencies.
  • Case studies (print and video) used on the course.
  • Certificate of attendance.

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