High quality online education – The next sustainable development frontier, Prof. Manuel Frutos-Perez PFHEA

Prof. Manuel Frutos-Perez PFHEA
Director of Business Development, Cambridge Education Group – Digital and Visiting Professor in Digital learning, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

Purpose: This is a conceptual thought leadership paper that explores current issues in Global Higher Education and their relationship with sustainable development. The aim of the paper is to further the debate on the role that online education can play within the sustainable development agenda.
Design/Methodology/Approach: This study uses descriptive and literature review methods to present current trends in international education, drawing on relevant publications and references to practical implementations. The narrative is supported by publicly available large data sources that assist in the modelling of suggested areas of focus for institutions.
Findings: This paper presents a clear argument on how high quality online education can act as a multi-faceted solution for sustainable
development, institutional resilience, widening participation and decolonisation of the curriculum.
Originality/Value: Online education has traditionally been perceived as an alternative delivery model that can help when face-to-face teaching is not possible or practical. The originality of the argument presented here is that high quality online learning has an intrinsic set of affordances that makes it unique and that has very clear alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030.
Keywords: Online Education, Higher Education, Quality Education, Widening Participation, Curriculum De-colonisation
DOI: 10.47556/J.IJIKMMENA.8.1.2020.1

IJIKMMENA_V8_Nos1-2_2020_Manuel Frutos-Perez PFHEA.pdf
IJIKMMENA_V8_Nos1-2_2020_Manuel Frutos-Perez PFHEA.pdf

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