Driving cycles as the tool to assess traffic demand management in Abu Dhabi, Ahmed Al Zaidi

International Journal of Innovation and Knowledge Management in Middle East and North Africa (IJIKMMENA)Ahmed Al Zaidi, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Purpose: This study uses driving cycle to investigate and assess traffic demand management (TDM) for a number of traffic corridors in Abu Dhabi. Driving cycle measurements have had many applications to date, including the evaluation of the driver’s behaviour and the performance of vehicles in a number of applications, in particular, for fuel consumption estimation and emission predictions.
Design/methodology/approach: One TDM measures is considered; bus lanes. At each corridor, a hand-held GPS device was used to record speed, acceleration, deceleration and distances driven at 1 second intervals.
Findings: Bus lanes are not a sustainable policy in all cases. These data enabled the analysis of driving cycles for buses and private cars.
Originality/value: Use of the driving cycle analysis to assess and evaluate transport policies.
Keywords: Traffic Demand Management (TDM); Driving cycle; Bus lane; Performance box; Speed of motor vehicles; Linear Regression Analyses
Paper type: Research paper

IJIKMMENA V2 N2 2013 Al Zaidi-Itemid=.pdf
IJIKMMENA V2 N2 2013 Al Zaidi-Itemid=.pdf

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